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How Stress Affects Athletic Performance

Unless you are a professional athlete whose daily schedule is simplified around a train, sleep, eat, and repeat cycle, then you walk a fine line between balancing life stress with training stress. Amateur athletes should view their training loads as one part of a healthy, productive and …

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Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3

Big changes can sometimes push fans of a running shoe away from a new model, but Mizuno decided to change things up with the Wave Sky Waveknit 3 anyway. The next generation of Mizuno’s Wave Sky line is noticeably different from its predecessor, the Wave Sky 2, both aesthetically a…

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Use a Training Log to Optimize Your Running

When it comes to your longevity and health as a runner, one of the best tools you can use is a training log. Simply put, it’s a way to track the aspects of your training that matter most to you. From your weekly mileage to your nutrition plan, your log is a personal resource to hel…

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Quality Sleep, Nutrition Build Foundation for Better Running

The other day I overheard a conversation between two runners discussing training plans and weekly mileage as it related to their performance in an upcoming race. I’m not one to eavesdrop, but the conversation was eerily similar to a discussion I had recently with one of the athlete…

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Future of Fast: Behind the Evolution of Nike's Vaporfly NEXT%

The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% launches nationwide this July and will be available on Download the Fleet Feet Rewards App to start earning Miles and for your chance to get a pair of the NEXT% when they launch.   Eliud Kipchoge didn’t look surprised. The world …

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Shoe Review: HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 6

With its ultra cushioned yet lightweight ride, the original Clifton was HOKA ONE ONE’s breakthrough running shoe. The HOKA Clifton 6 doesn’t stray from the winning combination. HOKA streamlined the Clifton 6 to make it lighter and more durable than ever. To do that, designer…

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How Training in Heat Can Boost Your Body

A decade ago, my wife was presented with an awesome opportunity. She would work at a rural medical center on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic for a month. I would help where I could. That included training her for a marathon. The only catch was the weather – daytime high…

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Create (and Follow) a Routine to Court Race Day Success

Races are exciting. They’re the perfect platform to test our limits, face our competitors and celebrate what our bodies can do. But races don’t always go as planned. The pressure to perform can help or hinder performance, depending on how you handle it. Creating a personal r…

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Our Favorite Recovery Sandals

There’s no feeling quite like kicking your feet up after a long run (or a long day at work). But sometimes life doesn’t let you quit the hustle. So, when you still have dinner to make, dishes to clean and kids to get into bed, you need another option to soothe your dogs. Tha…

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What Every Runner Needs to Know About Iron Deficiency

When athletes experience exhaustion, they’re gasping for breath or just feel plain cruddy during runs, they often write it off to overtraining or not getting enough rest. But overtraining might not always be to blame—iron deficiency or anemia could be the culprit. Iron’…

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