Q&A with Pro Runner Emma Coburn

When it comes to track and field, Emma Coburn is a household name. The 27-year-old, Crested Butte, Colo., native is the first American ever to medal in an Olympic 3000-meter steeplechase and a World Championship race (she took home bronze and gold, respectively). Plus, she’s won the ev…

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Behind the Brand:Karhu

It was in Finland in 1916—over 100 years ago today—that Ab Sportartiklar Oy started building sports products from locally-sourced birch. He made javalines, skis, and discusses. He also made track spikes that gained rapid worldwide recognition. They were crafted exceptionally well…

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Resolve to Make Flow Part of Your New Year

Two weeks into the new year, over 30 percent of those with resolutions have fallen off the bandwagon. By six months, it’s projected to be over 55 percent. A 2013 study by the University of Scranton found only about 8% of respondents kept their resolution over the long haul.  Mayb…

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The Best Gift To Yourself: Running

10 REASONS WHY RUNNING IS THE BEST PRESENT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF You can run anywhere, anytime. Exercise classes are great … sometimes. But they have time and location restrictions that require planning ahead. Running, on the other hand, does not. Sure, there are limitations to t…

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Run Safely Through the Winter Dark

Find the original posting from Women's Running here!   As winter begins and the days grow shorter, safety becomes a big topic of discussion within the running community. To address these concerns, editors spoke with industry experts to collect tips on the best ways to stay safe and so…

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Inside Mindful Running

Mackenzie Havey, of Minneapolis, MN, has been running most of her life and writing about running, fitness, and wellness for over a decade. At some point along her journey, though, she found herself approaching burnout. “I was so set on goals in the far-off future that I’d blindly…

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Thanksgiving Recipes for Runners

To help you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve compiled a list of feast-worthy recipes for runners that we’ve made, tested, and published on our blog. How did we decide they’re runner friendly? Well, because they’re twists on classics with ingred…

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Train Smarter with More Sleep

Sleep is how you recover. You can do the best training in the world and yet if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t going to repair, and you’re not going to be able to get out the door day after day. More than that, you’ll be at an increased risk for a who…

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FITnatic Weekend 2017- Duffel Bags

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