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Craft a Personal Running Mission Statement to Inspire Your Training

While setting traditional goals, like running a PR or finishing a certain race, can provide motivation for your training, it’s also important to identify a greater purpose behind your running. Step back and ask yourself why you run. Is it the cache of medals hanging on your wall t…

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Beyond Calories: Count Macronutrients to Fuel Your Body

Losing weight can be tricky. Whether it’s to shed a few unwanted pounds or improve running efficiency, striving for leaner body composition is an ongoing process for many athletes, while a few extra pounds are part of staying healthy and injury free for other runners. Achieving t…

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The Best Running Socks

The best running socks for you are really a matter of opinion. You have to consider different levels of cushion, taller or shorter lengths, and natural or synthetic fibers. With those three basic considerations taken care of, you can start to choose the socks that best fit your feet, st…

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Why Carbs are Essential to a Performance Diet

Athletes are just as susceptible to dieting trends as everyone else. Runners looking to transform into faster, leaner running machines might cut carbs or eliminate fat to get an edge. Other times, runners might omit dairy and grains from their plates in an effort to eat like human ancest…

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Fake It 'Til You Make It: Smiling is the Most Important Race-Day Hack

I found my secret race-day weapon when I was a junior in high school. I’d just started running the mile. As a former 300-meter hurdler, the contrast was stark, and I needed something to get through it. Not only did I have to run a little over three more laps around the track, I sti…

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Life-Changing Diagnosis Keeps Alabama Couple Running

Summertime in Huntsville, Alabama, can be draining. Ask any runner in the South about it, and they’ll tell you the heat is stubborn. The average temperature climbs well above 80 degrees beginning in May and doesn’t relent until October, with humidity that feels as thick as b…

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Cultivate 'Non-Attachment' to De-Stress Your Training

No matter your personality, human beings tend to be control freaks. Runners in particular can get caught in a cycle of thinking if they follow training to the letter, get enough sleep, eat right, and buy the right gear, their goals are all but assured. It is human tendency to choose act…

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10 Tips for Busy Moms Who Want to Get in Shape

Let’s face it: Moms are busy. Crazy busy. Whether you’re up all night with a newborn, chasing a toddler around or shuttling everyone to their various activities, it can be challenging to find time to focus on your own self-care. Who has time to cook healthy food or make it t…

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Top Hydration Options for Running

Runners think about a lot of factors when it comes to their daily miles. Time of day, weather, their running shoes and apparel can all make or break a workout. But do you always think about how hydrated you are? Your running performance will suffer when you’re dehydrated, but kee…

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Get a Better Warm-Up For Running with These Moves

Running your best starts with your warm-up. So, it’s important to get it right. Many runners were taught to warm up for a run with static stretching, like a seated hamstring stretch or a kneeling hip flexor stretch. Static stretches might loosen your muscles and make you feel warm…

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